What’s my homework?

A student’s panic about completing a homework on time and a parent’s inability to support and help can be alleviated using ZiLink which we discussed in our recent article, ‘Manage Homework With ZiLink‘ at www.zilink.co.uk.

At SchoolsICT we have researched and listened to feedback to find out how we can improve our homework feature in ZiLink. The result is a complete re-think and design – ZiLink Homework is a new activity to help organise students, support parents and manage homework activities for teachers using Moodle.

We’ve added flexibility to great organisation to help ensure teachers manage homework more effectively, students can organise and access their homework from one place without navigating different courses and parents have one-click access to all homeworks so they can support and help their children learn.

For parents

We know from research that 75% of parents feel that it is extremely important to help with their child’s homework but two things reduce the level of support they can give.

  • Knowing that a homework has been set and what it is;
  • How to support their child with their homework.

A ZiLink Homework is listed in the Homework panel within the parent’s Guardian View. They see what homework have been set for each subject, which homeworks have been attempted and which are overdue. Just one-click will take a parent straight to the homework activity – no need navigate courses or sections to find the correct homework – just one-click, that’s all.

The new ZiLink Homework Activity also allows for a teacher to include any additional information that may support a parent. In fact, parents can be a teacher’s teaching assistant at home!

Plus, a parent will see any grading/comment that a teacher provides when the homework is assessed in Moodle. It’s nice to see an outcome of your parent’s support.

For students

Organising homework can be an issue with so many homeworks needing attention but ZiLink Homework will help by ensuring that all homeworks that are set or overdue are listed including submission dates within a section of ZiLink called Student View. This saves trying to remember homeworks or writing them down and worrying about completing them on time. ZiLink Homework helps students organise their time and with just one-click they can immediately access the homework activity without needing to navigate courses or sections – it’s really easy.

For teachers

The Homework Activity enables a teacher to create or edit a Homework Activity and view progress of their group or individuals in the completion of that Homework Activity.

Creating a homework

ZiLink Homework is a very powerful and flexible way of identifying resources and activities that go to make up a homework which can be applied to Groupings just like any other Moodle resource/activity. ZiLink Homework will notify students, teachers or both when a homework has been completed and grading can be applied. Automatically populate the homework activity from existing sections or the whole course or you can pick which resources/activities should be a part of the homework. ZiLink Homework can also utilise Activity Completion features within Moodle and a wide range of Access restrictions can be applied to suit the needs of the homework.

Using Groupings, Activity completion and/or Access restrictions applied to a homework can almost personlise a homework for students.

Following progress

A teacher can follow the progress of their students as they access/complete resources and activities within each homework both as a class and as individuals which will assist the administration of a homework set for their students. Plus, at a glance a teacher can see the date and time when an individual resource/activity was completed.

Assessing a homework

Just like other Moodle activities, a teacher can grade a ZiLink Homework as well as any activities that are included in that homework. ZiLink Homework fully supports the new Gradebook in Moodle 2.8 really especially when using the new organisational features so that you could include all ZiLink Homeworks in their own category if you wish.

Find out more ...

ZiLink has its own dedicated web site at http://www.zilink.co.uk where you can find out more about how ZiLink enhances Moodle for UK schools and academies or call 0330 223 1050 or e-mail info@schoolsict.net.

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