Moodle 2.5 was released yesterday, 13th May, 2013.

Moodle version 2.5

If you’re a school thinking about upgrading ready for September, the new academic year, then check out the full list of improvements and additions here.

Here are some highlights!

Adding new plugins

We’ve always loved how adding plugins to WordPress is so easy and now a similar process is available in Moodle. This should make adding new plugins and keeping them updated a simple process.

The temptation might be to try lots of different plugins because it is so easy! However, our advice is don’t get carried away because you should ensure that the plugins you’re intending to use are regularly maintained and updated as Moodle versions are updated. If they’re not, your users will be disappointed as plugins ‘come-and-go’ and it will detract from the overall use of Moodle.

That’s why at SchoolsICT we test our ZiLink for Moodle plugin before we advise an upgrade of Moodle to a major sub-version like 2.4 to 2.5.

Open Badges integration

Open Badges can now be awarded for course and/or activity completion. A great reward for Moodle users, teachers and students alike! Lots of information at

Moodle forms simplified

At last! Some forms just seem to scroll forever with endless options, many of which are not used so I love the idea that Only the General section of a form is open by default. A great improvement on Moodle usability.

Drag and drop throughout the site

This is good news. There’s nothing worse than a great usability feature that is only available throughout part of a site. Drag and drop now works throughout the whole Moodle site and not just on course pages.


Some minor changes here but could be important in some circumstances.

Attempts reopened - This setting allows the teacher to decide how submissions are reopened. The default is “Never”, in that students may only submit once. However, a teacher can set this to “Manually” and reopen it themselves for the student to resubmit, or to “Automatically until pass”. The student must then keep trying and resubmitting until they get a pass grade.

Maximum attempts
If a student is allowed to resubmit, this setting will determine how many times they can resubmit before they are no longer allowed to do so. (For example, if a student has to keep trying until they get a pass grade, the teacher might decide that ten attempts is enough even though they have not yet passed!)

Miscellaneous bits-and-bobs

Option to drag and drop a media file onto the course page to create a label.

Option to drag and drop text onto the course page to create a label.

Drag and drop file upload progress indicator in filepicker.

Jump to section navigation for ‘One section per page’ setting in course formats.

Option to add images and other files to the course list.

Categories edit page is separated from view and does not depend any more on global editing mode.

For more information about what’s new on Moodle 2.5 go to


If you’re thinking about migrating from previous versions of Moodle, including 1.9, to 2.5 we can help. In fact, we can help your school make the most of your Moodle an ensure that it is fully implemented to meet the needs of your school.

Call 08000 488 777 or e-mail and learn how we can help from simple technical support through to a full implementation.
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