The ZiLink Community Programme

ZiLink is open-source and can be downloaded from the Moodle Plugins Directory. SchoolsICT, as lead maintainers of ZiLink, continue to improve and evolve ZiLink based upon the feedback it receives from schools and academies across the UK.

Is Moodle easy to use?

Moodle is installed in many schools in the UK and many Moodle implementations are unsuccessful without an understanding of its purpose or why it has been implemented so it's time to understand the basics.

Jeremy is elected the UK Representative of the SIF Association Board

Jeremy Meades, Managing Director of SchoolsICT Limited and also ZiNET Data Solutions Ltd has been elected by the Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF) UK Management Board to represent them at the regular meetings of the SIF Association Board which also comprises members from the US and Australian Management Boards.

Lunch Hound Cashless Catering

LunchHound is a cashless catering system built specifically for…

Milk by School Tie Networks

Milk is a student self-management tool, a web/mobile app to replace the handwritten work diary with a web browser or any Android or Apple mobile device.

What's the difference?

Teaching in the classroom, teaching online, it's all the same thing, right? The brief answer is - no. It's similar but it's not the same thing and when you begin to examine differences between successful classroom teaching and effective online teaching those differences become very highlighted.

What's new in Moodle 2.8!

Moodle 2.8 is a real step forward and some of the highlighted new features will help you get even more out of Moodle than ever before.

Technology doesn't solve problems, it enables solutions

So BETT 2015 is over but did you find the 'killer app' that was going to transform an aspect of your school? The 'magic bullet' that was going to succeed where others had failed!

eeZeeTrip by Semantise

Frustrated by the time spent managing permission slips and payments for school trips, Llew Davis, Deputy Head at Cae Top school in Bangor, had the idea for a simple platform that schools could use to directly tell parents about trips and instantly receive their consent and payments via a mobile App.

Great teachers set great homework!

I know - "Great teachers set great homework" is not an unknown phrase and many use it to encourage all teachers to include homework in their repertoire of skills and tools to support students' learning.