What’s new in Moodle 2.8!

Every time a new version comes out we hope that there is something new or changed that will make our lives a little easier. Moodle 2.8 does not disappoint and so I’ve highlighted some of the new features in 2.8 that might help you if you teach in a UK school or academy and use Moodle.

  • 2.8 is here to stay

    There have been regular new versions of Moodle for some time now, each building upon the previous version. 2.8 is here to stay a while which will be a relief to the IT Tech Team as well as Moodle Administrators and Teachers. 2.8 is scheduled to be maintained for core bug fixes until November 2015 and security updates until May 2016. You can now rely on a solid platform that will not be changing any time soon.

  • Text Autosave

    Moodle has caught up with this very useful tool. You have no need to worry if your computer crashes or your connection to Moodle is lost along with all your work. Autosave ensures your text is saved as you type.

  • Like ratings

    Forum posts can now be ‘liked’! Implemented as a single item scale, posts can be ‘liked’ bringing Moodle closer to social media actions.

  • Huge improvements to Gradebook

    Gradebook has now ‘come of age’ and is well worth investigating and investing time in learning how to use it effectively. It’s now easier to organise your Gradebook and use across all devices. You can also categorise activities so that. for example, you can create a ‘Homework’ category and all your assessments for homeworks can fall under that category.

  • Forums

    You’ve always been able to subscribe to forums but now you can subscribe just to particular discussions, navigation has improved and you can now e-mail replies to forum posts.

  • Quiz

    The Quiz edit screen has been improved making it easier to manage your questions and quizzes. You can also set completion conditions based on a passing grade or when all available attempts have been used up. See Building Quiz for more information.

  • Choice

    Simple but important change. Users can now select more than one choice providing much more flexibility of use.

  • Assignments

    A very useful addition if you teach vocational and advanced courses is the ability to add additional files to your assignment such as a template or grading information.

Much to check out and if you would like to explore the detail go to https://docs.moodle.org/28/en/New_features.

Happy explorations!