A webinar – the easy way to find out more about ZiLink

The simplest way to find out more about ZiLink is to call 08000 488 777 or e-mail sales@schoolsict.net and ask for a demonstration. We use the latest webinar technology to show you how ZiLink works in Moodle – all your questions answered and you guide the demonstration – simple!

ZiLink is a very comprehensive plugin and sometimes features are missed or their importance is not understood. A guided tour of ZiLink ensures you don’t miss a thing and because your questions are answered during the tour you have all the information you need.

Schools that see ZiLink through a webinar are always impressed by its configurability and simple interface which, in turn, makes ZiLink easy to use for teachers, parents and students – if something is simple to use, it will be used!

Call 08000 488 777 now or e-mail sales@schoolsict.net to arrange your webinar and find out everything you need to know about ZiLink.

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