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“SchoolsICT Moodle support and services are excellent and deliver good value. SchoolsICT focus on and try to deliver what you want instead of forcing you into a pre-packaged mould.”
… says, Tim Hall, Network Manager, The King’s School, Ottery St Mary


Enhance Moodle – EduCluster

Imagine using a Moodle that has been tailored for your school. User skills and pedagogy have been developed and your school has a fully functional learning platform seamlessly integrated with your SIMS.Net or Facility plus parents are fully informed about their child’s learning every day. Enhance your Moodle – It’s not a dream, it’s a reality with SchoolsICT.

‘Light-touch’ integration

Your Moodle can have courses, student cohorts, enrolments and groups all automatically created and maintained using the data from your SIMS.Net or Facility. No need for manual intervention to ensure a seamless integration that relieves technical staff for other tasks and activities. ZiLink for Moodle includes integration, timetable navigation and room booking system.

Enhance student progress

For a teacher, access to real and up-to-date data about their students can be a genuine problem. However, it is possible to include SIMS.Net attainment and target data for every student in a teacher’s class with ZiLink for Moodle Assist. Graphical displays and tabular data ensures each teachers understand the progress that every student in their care achieves.


Parents engage with their child’s learning

Parents engaged in their child’s learning will have a positive impact on their child’s learning. 24/7 access to – attainment, targets, progress, attendance, behaviour, formative assessment, grades, timetable and the task/activities that their child is undertaking. ZiLink for Moodle Engage provides effective access simply.

Professional Development

A commitment to online learning requires pedagogical and skills development. The Discovering Moodle Series ensures teachers can evolve their skills to meet the needs of  their students and extend their learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Our unique approach to professional development offers 24/7 access to help when teachers need it most.

Customisation and block development

We are experienced Moodle developers who can provide the customisation you need. SchoolsICT support a number of free Moodle blocks and our own product development includes Moodle integration, plugins and blocks.

Theme development

Moodle themes are now more flexible than in previous versions of Moodle. However, getting the best out of a theme with innovative layouts and styling can require a substantial investment in time and effort. At SchoolsICT we can cut that cost and provide professional theme development to your design.

Successful implementation

The huge range of  options available in Moodle that may give the appearance that Moodle is complicated and difficult to use. Nothing could be further from the truth if an audit of skills and pedagogy combined with a tailored implementation plan is followed. SchoolsICT can advise from initial implementation to evolution to a mature and well-used learning platform.

Technical support

Could you use some additional technical support for your own Moodle? No need to fit into in pre-determined support plan – we are flexible and provide a simple, straight forward service that supports you – from basic technical support to a full managed service for your in-house Moodle and server – we can help.

Find out more … call 0330 223 1050 or e-mail sales@schoolsict.net and tell us what you need.

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