ZiLink for Moodle

“ZiLink is a great add-on to moodle, teachers can focus on their course instead of managing membership in an evolving school timetable.” … says, Tim Hall, Network Manager, The King’s School, Ottery St Mary

ZiLink for MoodleZiLink for Moodle is a unique ‘light-touch’ integration between SIMS.Net and Moodle. No need for additional hardware and safe in the knowledge that data transfer is secure and meets an established UK implementation standard.

The new version 3.0 builds on the success of ZiLink for Moodle bringing all the tools into one menu from which a Moodle Administrator can simply manage the integration between SIMS.Net and Moodle and enable some real time-savers so that they can concentrate on supporting teaching and learning and spend less time administering Moodle.

What does ZiLink for Moodle do?

Simply, it extracts data from SIMS.Net using ZiNet Connect and securely transports the data to your Moodle wherever it may be located. A Moodle plugin developed by SchoolsICT uses that data to automatically create and maintain:

  • Courses;
  • Student cohorts;
  • Enrolments.

It will also manage enrolments in your existing courses. For example, a student moved from one teaching group to another will automatically be moved in Moodle without fear of losing important information in Moodle.

I’m a teacher, how will ZiLink help me?

When you go to your Moodle courses all your students will be enrolled. All you have to do is focus on learning, creating and adding content.

Also, you will be able to use the ZiLink Timetable to navigate your courses and ZiLink Room Booking to book rooms such as IT Suites when you need to move your groups from the classroom.

I’m a student, how will ZiLink help me?

You will be able to navigate your courses using ZiLink Timetable and if your teacher has moved the class to an IT Suite that room change is highlighted in your timetable. Also, you will not have to scroll through a long list of courses to find the one you need – your courses are all in your ZiLink Timetable.

I’m a Moodle Administrator, how will ZiLink help me?

ZiLink for Moodle is a huge time-saver. Courses are created and maintained automatically, every teaching group in SIMS.Net will have their own course. Plus, enrolments are also automatically created and maintained. No more manual moving of students when their groups change.

Room Maintenance enables you to ‘remove’ rooms from ZiLink Room Booking for maintenance and Room Booking is fully configurable.

ZiLink for Moodle also includes ZiLink Account Matching which matches SIMS records to the correct Moodle Account automatically – another great time saver!

ZiLink for Moodle contains all core administrative features and adds ease of functionality. For example, all data is based on your school MIS – any changes made in your school MIS, are reflected in ZiLink for Moodle without manual intervention.

ZiLink for Moodle is designed to be an ‘install, configure and forget’ service requiring no intervention to ensure smooth data transport.

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